The key to a solid retaining wall construction is ensuring a solid foundation, also known as footing. It is crucial to find experienced concrete contractors in Tauranga and Canterbury for structures that will stand the test of time. With well-trained contractors, it becomes easy to ensure the overall stability of a structure.

The team at Central Foundations is dedicated to providing only the best and finest quality work when it comes to footings for a retaining wall. Our experts in Tauranga and Canterbury are highly experienced and have perfected themselves in all modern strategies used to design retaining walls with the strongest footings.

Don’t believe us? Get in touch with our team today to understand how we deliver exceptional outcomes without costing you an arm and a leg.

Retaining and Footings in Tauranga & Canterbury

Retaining and footing work doesn’t just end at that. There is so much more to the process that goes unnoticed. This is why,if you are located in Tauranga or Canterbury, you should leave it to the experts at Central Foundations.

Be it concrete Footings Columns, block wall retaining, block basement & stepped floors, or dealing with concrete piles, we take care of everything and do it all with the highest accuracy.

Our efficiency is what has gained us the trust from our thousands of customers over the years who come to us time & again for all their construction needs. Contact us today to experience our highly recommended services.

List services as below :

  • Concrete Footings Columns
  • Blockwall Retaining
  • Block Basement and Stepped Floors
  • Concrete Piles

Why Choose central Foundations

Central Foundations Ltd is a specialist in Tauranga and Canterbury providing retaining and footings solutions for several years now. Being one of the most highly recommended professionals for retaining and footings, we can guarantee the strongest foundation and robust structures.

Being your foundation experts, we give you the peace of mind that you will be provided affordable and high-quality work that will elevate the strength of your concrete floors. Not just that, we also ensure your experience with us right from the very first call to the final delivery is going to be nothing short of harmonious.


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