Rib raft floors are New Zealand’s first pod flooring systems that have gained popularity in the local areas of the country. So much so, that rib raft has certainly surpassed concrete foundations in terms of durability and strength as well. Moreover, these floors are also quick to lay and have a lot less excavated material in terms of the regular foundations.

Materials that are used to lay rib raft floors include plastic spacers, polystyrene pods, steel reinforcing rods, and RaftMix concrete. The construction method of this type of flooring only includes fitting the materials together. Thus, it helps to reduce labor costs as well as it saves plenty of time.

These materials can be used for residential to light commercial buildings, from small buildings to large developments.

Rib Raft Floors Foundations in Tauranga & Canterbury, NZ

The first-ever pod flooring system, RibRaft is polystyrene and concrete flooring that doesn’t require any footings to be dug. This makes construction a lot more cleaner than any other form out there. Moreover, this also helps minimize excavated waste that concrete foundation requires.

We have a team of professional contractors operating in Canterbury and Tauranga, who are capable of laying rib raft floors with accuracy and precision. Over years of serving in this industry, they’ve developed the expertise that is needed to ensure high-quality work is being delivered.

We are highly recommended to offer the following services to our customers:

  • Rib Raft Floors
  • TC2 Rib Raft Floors
  • Thickened Edge Foundations
  • Block Ring Foundations
  • Stepped Floors
  • Commercial and Industrial Floors
  • Alterations and Additions
  • Small Shed Floors

All the services are performed keeping in mind your satisfaction. Our main aim is to ensure your peace of mind. Get in touch with us if rib raft floors are your choice of flooring and you are in search of experts to help you with the same.

Highly Qualified Rib Raft Flooring Contractors in Tauranga & Canterbury

It takes proper training and experience of a few years to develop the expertise needed to ensure high-quality work. Since the rib raft creates the base, the structural foundation of a building, it needs to be taken care of by experienced professionals.

Those contractors who are highly qualified understand what it takes to make sure that the foundation is strong, durable, and safe for the future owners of the building.

We can help you with the highest quality rib raft flooring systems in Canterbury and Tauranga, laid down by our experienced professionals. All you need to do is jump on a free consultation call and we can figure out if we’re the right fit for each other.


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